New Homework Club

By Calais Solis ’19
Since January, students in grades 10 to 12 have connected with junior school students every Tuesday and Thursday at our new Homework Club! Homework Club was started by Ms. Melville and Ms. Jakoy to give students the chance to learn from their older peers. Not only does Homework Club allow students the opportunity to work on their homework, projects and assignments with the help and guidance of older peers but it also allows students across multiple grades to build connections with each other and, for younger students, to meet new mentors.
Personally, I was hesitant to sign up to be a peer coach with my hectic schedule, being in grade twelve; however, it’s been such a highlight of my last year in high school. It’s been so enjoyable and rewarding helping grades 6 and 7 students plan out and complete their assignments and become more confident with their academic skills.
Junior school students have been excited to take part. They get great advice and support from their older coaches. “I’m able to say that I learn something new and important every time I come to Homework Club!” says Rachel Bhatia, grade 7.
“I like coming to Homework Club because I get to complete all my homework at school instead of at home,” says Wesley Jones, grade 7.
If you are interested in joining the fun, chat with Ms. Melville or sign up on the poster in the Thought Lab.