Academy Chamber Players Win Gold at Kiwanis

By Cadence Chua ‘24

On May 13, the WPGA Academy Chamber Players attended a competition at the Kiwanis Music Festival, where we played Dvorak’s "Slavonic Dances," which we had been practicing for several months. After our performance, we participated in a short workshop designed to help us improve our playing. The adjudicators addressed our dynamic range and fine tuned our intonation. A key takeaway for us was to always keep an open mind and to be open to constructive criticism. Heading into the workshop, we would have found it hard to believe that the slightest change in detail could make all the difference.

As a group, we were determined not only to play our best but also to achieve gold. The orchestra aimed high and we made sure, individually, to practice hard on our own. Our hard work paid off and we were overjoyed when we heard that we achieved our goal: a gold ranking. This experience definitely raised our confidence and provided motivation for us to continue to practice and perform.

I really enjoyed playing at the festival and look forward to continuing to play with the chamber players. On behalf of the Academy Chamber Players, I thank Ms. Goddard for her time and dedication to mentor and teach us all these years. We could not have gotten here without you.
Academy Chamber Players 2018-2019
Grade 4
Kaylin Lam
Avery Caradonna
Belle Song
Jenna Mah
Grade 5
Cole Chua
Adrian Lee
Owen Qu
Ann Wang
Grade 6
Emil Zhao
Cecilia Yu
Isabelle Wang
Eva Wang
Andrew Naus
Ellie Sheu
Sophia Lu
Lucy Liu
Rainier Lin
Maya Delen
Grade 7
Cadence Chua
Kira Gwadry
Mia Torres
Kiara Wijanta
Anderson Gao