Character in Action

By Ms. Debbie Edge, Grade 2 Teacher

Sometimes, I forget. Hidden beneath the curriculum, core competencies and daily routines, we as educators have a second and arguably more important responsibility: having a hand in shaping the moral character of the children we teach. This past Saturday I was lucky enough to witness a moment that showed me the true character of WPGA.

At the Festival of Cross Country Meet in South Surrey, after the last of our grade 7 Wolves had crossed the finish line, they took a well-deserved moment to recover from their run. After a few minutes of respite, the Wolves realized that a lone runner remained on the course. This boy was from another school and was visibly struggling, using every ounce of mental resilience he had to put one foot ahead of another. As the crowds dissipated, and the children and parents from other schools fell away, our grade 7 Wolves sprung into action. They grabbed their cowbells, mustered all the energy they had left, and ran out to meet this boy for the final few minutes of his journey.

They collectively ran beside him, cheering and ringing those bells to help this boy from another school complete what he had set out to do.

This was a moment when no assessment or mark was necessary. Nearing the end of their Junior School careers, these young leaders showed true strength of character when they sprung to action without hesitation to cheer on a competitor who needed support. And that’s when I remembered that every moment of kindness, every picture book with a lesson, and every CARE theme are each their own small drop in the ever-expanding ocean that is the character development of a child.