Junior Languages Update

By Ms. Catherine Mugica, Head of Languages, Junior School

See below an update of what our students are learning and reading in French, Spanish and Mandarin classes this term.

  • French: Grade 7 students are finishing up a unit on giving and taking directions in the town of St. Justine, Quebec.  After Spring Break, we will begin one month of in-class preparation for the A1 DELF Exam in May. Grade 6 students have just finished their cultural unit on “Carnaval de Québec" and have begun the AIM story “Veux-tu aller au carnaval?” in which a boy is hoping to invite a girl to the carnival with him. Students will be using this story and the accompanying activities to practice a variety of high-frequency vocabulary from now until the end of the year. Grade 4 students have just begun the story “Comment y aller?” which incorporates vocabulary related to transportation. Grade 3 students have started the AIM story “Boucles Violettes,” a new and entertaining take on the familiar story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” 
  • Spanish: Grade 7 students just finished a unit on “El restaurant” and practiced playing the role of both client and waiter to make a reservation and act out a restaurant scene with a partner. In grade 4, students are working on “The Tortoise and the Hare” and endeavouring to speak only Spanish in the classroom. The grade 2 classes are also making a big effort to speak only Spanish in the classroom and have been practicing the story “The Enormous Turnip.”  
  • Mandarin: After all grades finished celebrating Chinese New Year, students started new stories and topics. In grade 1, students started Mandarin lessons and have delved into the “Bá Luóbo” (Enormous Turnip) song. Grade 3 is learning about how persistence and hard work wins the race in “Guī Tù Sài Pǎo” (The Tortoise and the Hare). We are excited for the grade 7s to read a novel about a boy who wants a dog in “Brandon Brown Xiǎng Yào Gǒu.”