Junior School Languages Highlights

By Ms. Catherine Mugica, Head of Languages, Junior School

Over the past few weeks, students, teachers and parents have adapted to a rhythm with eLearning.  
French 3 is still exploring the story Boucles Violettes, which is an adaptation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. French 5 continues to work on the story Les Animaux de Bayou. In French 7, although the DELF test was cancelled because of COVID, students have been working diligently on listening, reading, writing and speaking activities to strengthen their skills. 
Spanish 4 is beginning their exploration of San Juan, the spring celebration. Spanish 6 has just wrapped up a unit on the novel Llama en Lima, and Spanish 7 is wrapping up the unit on the Colombian folk story El Hombre Caimán (the Alligator Man).
Mandarin 4 has been learning short stories about Xiǎo Lóng and his family. Grade 5 classes have been sharing stories and facts about their nationalities, their family members and themselves. In Grade 7, students are demonstrating their manners in Mandarin and sharing their daily activities with their peers.  
The languages department continues to embrace the surprises and challenges associated with eLearning platforms, and we look forward to carrying these over into the next teaching year. Tools such as breakout rooms in Zoom, video lessons in Seesaw, and screen-capturing lessons have allowed us to deliver curriculum in exciting and interactive ways, despite being physically apart.