Hogar de Gina Summer Lessons

By Ms. Marney Rosen, Senior School English Teacher

Ask most students what they are most looking forward to this summer, and you might hear a lot of "no more Zoom!" So, when many Hogar de Gina Club members jumped at the offer to provide virtual English practice two nights a week this summer to our friends at the Hogar de Gina home for girls in Peru, it is a testament to their love for these girls. We’ve had lots of great virtual experiences with our Peruvian friends lately: coordinating an Easter Egg hunt, playing Bingo (a chaotic 48 of us in total), and Skyping just to say "hi" (if you picture "saying hi" taking 90 minutes as each girl wants her "turn" in front of the camera).

However, those experiences took place during the school year. Why commit all summer long . . . especially if graduating? Well, read a few of our students’ testimonials to find a common thread in their reflections. 

“Today in class we practiced asking questions and answering in different tenses. But it’s more than teaching and practicing together; we also get to know them on a more personal level. We make friends.” (Daniella '20)

“The girls put such joyous energy and enthusiasm into these lessons, bringing light to both themselves in Peru and to us in Canada” (Maya '20)

“It gives us a reason to call them every week, and although we’re "teaching," we’re also sharing laughs and learning about each other and overall just getting to connect with them.” (Natassia '21)

“It is so nice to be able to connect and make close relationships with people so far away. I’m loving having the chance to do so!” (Naomi '23)

“The small group interaction is really great, and I have been loving getting to know the girls better and on a more personal level. Even though the goal of these lessons is to teach them English, it doesn’t feel like work. It just feels like talking to friends” (Julia '24)

“These girls have had no contact with an English teacher for three months. It’s heartwarming to know that we’re able to share that opportunity with our friends in some way.” (Michelle '21)

Here's what Rocio, the Peruvian "house mom" at Hogar de Gina, wrote: “My girls lost immediately their afraid to speak in English. They are enjoying so much the learning with their Canadian friends.”

“Lost their afraid.” “Close relationships.” “Joyous energy.” “Friends.” “Friends.” “Friends.”

Need we say more?!

Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to sharing more Hogar de Gina updates in the fall.