Science 9 Climate Change Innovations

Recently Mr. Harding's Science 9 class presented and discussed innovations addressing climate change in front of an esteemed panel, including Leila Harris and Douw Steyn, UBC professors; Erika Gavenus and Ivana Zelenika, PhD candidates; Marcello Pavan, Director of TRIUMF; and Wally Kerchum and Michael Brown, both WPGA grandparents and experts in engineering (Mr. Kerchum) and economics (Mr. Brown). 

Click here for their presentation and see below student reflections on the experience: 

"I found this experience to be so eye opening and educational. After learning a lot about climate change, I felt hopeless, almost as if the damage was done and we couldn't go back. The "onwards with optimism" project taught me there is hope, and it's in the hands of my generation to make a change. While working on the project, I learned about innovations that will help us reverse our climate crisis. Not only did I have the opportunity to learn about these new innovations in greater depth but I was able to hear from scientists all around British Columbia. Their comments and questions helped me take my learning to the next level. It's wonderful to hear the perspective of professionals in this area. I am very grateful for this learning experience; it will truly last a lifetime." - Avalon Straiton '23

"Being chosen to present my science project was a great honour. A great honour because I really wanted to raise awareness of the importance of carbon engineering and the impact it can have on our future. Having the VIPs there initially felt intimidating, but the more I learned about the topic I was up for the challenge, mostly because I know it is a very important topic that many of us are not even aware of. It took a lot of reviewing in order to get a true understanding of carbon engineering. All this hard work paid off when I was presenting, as I had practiced and learned enough that I lost all of my stress. I felt it ended up going very smoothly. After my presentation, I was asked a couple questions from the panel. I was worried I was going to get stumped by a question, yet I realized that I am expected to be the expert on my topic and, after all my research, I felt confident answering the questions.

All in all, it was an amazing opportunity to be able to do this presentation. I hope I was able to teach a little bit about the importance of our awareness of carbon engineering to my peers and the effects on our future." - Oliver Coles '23