Curriculum Coffee Morning Videos - Primary Literacy & Technology

By Mr. Stuart Allester, Vice Principal of Learning, Junior School

Each year we look forward to hosting a number of Curriculum Coffee Mornings in the Dining Hall. Though we are unable to welcome you to campus this year, we would still like to offer some information and discussion around key programs in the Junior School.

The two videos below will serve as the Curriculum Coffee Mornings this term but feel free to watch them in the evening, or over lunch . . . anytime really!

In this video, Karen Melville, Head of Skills in the Junior School, speaks about literacy in the primary grades, which focuses on child development, a structured literacy approach, and literacy practices for home. She looks at diversity of learners, forms of assessment, literacy games at home, and the overarching goals of being able to construct meaning from written text (reading) and encoding written text accurately (writing). 

Building on our Tech Diet articles in the last four Howls, Matthew Mah, Head of Educational Technology in the Junior School, continues the digital discussion in his Working With Technology video. Technology and media are pervading forces in our lives, and the digital dilemma we face as educators and parents is how to make technology work for us and not against us. Finding a right balance involves setting expectations and encouraging healthy, positive use and dialogue around digital citizenship.

For questions regarding primary literacy, please contact Ms. Melville. For questions regarding technology, please connect with Mr. Mah