Lesotho Book Drive Recap

By Emma Miao ‘22 and Eric Miao '28 

Thank you to everybody who donated to the African Library Project book drive! Because of your generosity, we were able to collect a library of ~2000 (50 full boxes) of books. The library the books will be donated to is Boipabolo Junior School in Berea District, Lesotho, about 15 kilometres from Maseru, the capital of Lesotho. Three hundred students from grades 1-7 attend this school, which aims to instill a reading culture at school by sending a book home with each student every day. They currently have a small library in each classroom and applied to the African Library Project hoping to expand their collection. To learn more about Boipabolo Junior School, visit their website.

A huge thank-you to Mr. Warren Lee for letting us use the junior school music room to sort the books and the changeroom to store the stacks of books. Thank you to Ms. Richardson for being so supportive in the whole process. And, finally, we extend the biggest THANK YOU to 5JD and all the students from both junior and senior schools who helped out with making the boxes, decorating them, promoting the drive and sorting the books. 

After the book drive was completed, students on Service Council helped sort and pack the books. The books are now packed and sealed, and we will be shipping them to Lesotho in the summer. When they get to Lesotho, the African Library Project Organization has dedicated liaisons, who ensure the library is effectively organized and used. In addition, the community leader, head teacher and teacher librarian have all written letters of commitment to the maintenance and promotion of the library within Boipabolo Junior School. In the fall, we will receive an update from Boipabolo about the impact of the library on the reading culture within their school community. 

When we pitched the idea of a book drive earlier this year, we couldn’t have imagined the generous and enthusiastic response and support it received, both in the Junior School and the Senior School. For us, this book drive has been incredibly rewarding beyond seeing the sheer number of books collected in the lobby or corresponding with the Boipabolo Junior School. We have met so many generous, kind, thoughtful and insightful individuals in the past few months, and our conversations taught us about gratitude and initiative.

We are thankful to have worked with these invested and open-minded individuals. The Lesotho book drive was a resounding success, and we hope it was a valuable experience for all involved. Thank you for everyone’s support—let's hope we continue this tradition for years to come.