MADD Presentation November 8 (Gr. 10-12 Students)

By Mr. Jason Parker, Head of Senior School

On Monday, November 8 (9:45am-10:45am), grades 10-12 students will view a presentation by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) called “Wrong Turn.” Each year, young drivers are involved in tragic vehicular accidents that result in injury and death. Many of these are attributed to alcohol and drug use, overloading a car beyond legally allowed passenger limits, distracted driving, and poor judgment. Hosting presentations such as this builds awareness, promotes conversation and heightens self-reflection so that our students will make informed decisions that keep themselves, their friends and the community safe. 

As you might appreciate, the content of such presentations can elicit strong emotional responses. Students who have experienced personal loss could find the presentation triggering. If this is the case for your child, please inform our counsellors, Ms. Becky Stewart or Ms. Sarah Poole, in advance so we can proceed with appropriate sensitivity.  

Our staff, including our counselling team, will be on hand to monitor reactions and provide care.  Likewise, through our PEAKS Advisory Program, advisors will engage in follow-up conversations to ensure all students have a safe space in which to share their experience and feelings.