Global Studies Students Design Student Stress Survey

By Ms. Jenise Boland, Social Studies Teacher

This week senior school students took part in a wellness survey measuring student stress and anxiety. The survey was designed by Rubi Katz '22, Wellness Council, along with Adam Dawood, Jackson Gaber, Namara Morse and Michel Collet, all of whom are part of our Global Studies Scholars Diploma Program. 

The Global Studies students created a comprehensive survey as part of their research methodologies unit in order to better understand the effects of stress on WPGA students. The group vetted their questions through our counsellors, who suggested the students expand their research pool from a few grade 9 respondents to the entire Senior School. 

“This is an opportunity for us to have students help students,” says Ms. Becky Stewart, school counsellor.  “And, as someone new to the school, it will be useful for me to see the results to get a better sense of where students are as far as stress levels go. Having more data always helps to inform practice.”
Student stress and wellness is a hot topic, as news agencies and social media report on mounting stress levels among young people. This is not the first time Global Studies scholars have been on the cusp of emerging social trends; past studies include the impact of Instagram on teenage self-esteem.  
Our Global Studies scholars are proud that their work is being used to help the student body at large but recognize that, for them, the learning is the real result. According to Rubi, “The results of the survey actually left us with more questions than answers. But, as students, I think that being able to ask more and better questions is really the purpose of the Global Studies program. We were so happy to work with the counsellors and hope that the survey will be useful at understanding student stress and anxiety, or at least give us better questions to ask about why students are stressed.“