Swim Team Sweeps Provincials

By Emma Miao '22, Swim Team Captain 

On November 19-20, the Wolves swim team dominated the BCSS Provincial Championships. Amidst a “pool” of 108 teams, WPGA rose to the top, winning overall aggregate, the boys AA banner and the girls AA banner. We also won the boys 200 free "B" relay, battling Saints for the trophy, which proudly sits in our lobby. The weekend featured a series of nail-biting moments and many hard-earned wins as our training paid off against our competitors. 

For many of the seniors, Noah, Logan, Kev, Sam, Matt, Kris, Oliver, Ben, Aamiya and me, the BCSS championship was our last race and the apex of our swim careers. But, even though we’ve retired, we will forever remember the energy of the crowds as we sprinted toward the wall, the muted cheering palpable through our black and green caps. We are so grateful to have been a part of the swim team, whether we’ve been here since grade 3 or joined a few years ago. 

A big thank-you to all the parents, coaches and alumni who came out and cheered us on. Thanks to Ms. Logher, who arrived at 5am (!) on Friday to help set up, to Sensei, Mr. Wong, Ms. Stoodley and Dr. Shew (fire marshal!), and to all the many parents who volunteered. Thanks to Edward Wang ‘23, our dedicated team manager, who again ensured we were organized and prepared to race. 

We extend the biggest thank-you to our coaches, Mr. Read, Ms. Leblanc and Mr. Ito. We hope you enjoy the quietude of 6am Mondays in the absence of our groaning and multigenre playlists. We’ll miss the dynamism of the Logan and Noah-led activation and deep-end cheers (where treading water through Read’s speeches was harder than the practice itself). In all seriousness, Mr. Read, Ms. Leblanc and Mr. Ito, thank you for believing in us, always pushing us to do our best, and encouraging us to give it our all at every practice and meet throughout the season. 

Medal Swims:
  • Noah Shew 57.69; 5th in BC
  • Boys 200 meter medley relay 2nd: Mackay, Logan, Noah, Andrew
  • Boys 200 meter medley relay 3rd: Ryder, Max, Samuel, Kevin  
  • Mixed 200 meter medley relay (B): Mackay, Tea, Samuel, Emma  
  • Mixed 200 free relay b (2nd): Ella, Kevin, Cynthia, Andrew 
  • Mixed 200 meter free relay open (4th): Isabella, Andrew, Avery, Benjamin
  • Boys 200 free b relay (1st): Noah, Kevin, Sam, Andrew Li 
Click here for full race results. 

Provincial Team 2021
Sophie Dawe
Scarlett McKinley
Sienna Fetigan
Brooklyn Logue
Logan Jones
Logan Roberts
Logan Higgins
Cynthia Jin
Tea Gilberg
Ella Dawe
Jack Millos
Bella Wood
Emma Miao
Emma Aranda
Mackay Ilich
Ryder Ilich
Noah Shew
Andrew Naus
Andrew Li
Max Zhu
Kevin Li
Sam Jones
Sarah Nazif
Ben Nazif
Kris Vogel
Capri Mawhinney
Cadelle Roberts
Alice Forbes
Oliver Stevenson
Matt Reddock
Ethan Ho
Lucy Pashby
Aamiya Sidhu
Isabella Sanidas
Pippa Tomita
Avery Austin
Cole Timko
Bryce Stanger: Alternate
Edward Wang: Co-Coach