Madeleine Austin Spirit Award 2022

By Ms. Karen Melville, Vice Principal, Learning, Junior School 

As expressing one's self in writing is an art to celebrate, we are excited to invite students to apply for the Madeleine Austin Spirit Award, established in June 2008 to honour Madeleine Austin, an exemplary citizen, loving parent, and strong supporter of West Point Grey Academy. The award requires students to submit an application and write an in-class essay on an assigned topic. A $1,000 tuition credit will be given to one student in grade 6 or 7 and one student in grade 8, 9 or 10. The runner-up in each grade category will receive a $500 tuition credit.
Application Process (Current Grades 6-10 Students): 
To apply, submit the application form by Wednesday, May 11. The in-class essay (described in the application form) will be written after school on Wednesday, May 18 for grades 6/7 and on Thursday, May 19 for grades 8-10.