WPGA Ed Tech: AWS Education to Workforce Day   

By Dr. Peter Holowka, Director of Educational Technology, Senior School 

In the next 10 years, the economy is expected to have the greatest shortage of available labour in our lifetime. The technology sector is forecasted to lead the shortage with some of the highest in-demand skills with the lowest available talent.  In late May, Amazon Web Services (AWS) invited me to speak on a panel concerning technology skills development in the region.  WPGA was the only secondary school invited to present at this event.  In recent years, WPGA has been recognized for excellence in educational technology through a number of successful initiatives, including Bill Wang's professional IT certifications and our international AI/ML DeepRacer initiative. WPGA will continue its involvement in the AWS Educate program and other leading-edge initiatives.  
The panel provided me with an opportunity to speak about WPGA's direct instruction in the field of computer science, such as Mr. Lu's AP Computer Science offerings. Additionally, we discussed the broad foundation provided by WPGA for students in the humanities. These latter offerings build a strong ethical foundation and historical perspective for society's leaders of tomorrow—leaders who will undoubtedly make important decisions about the use of powerful technologies such as facial recognition, artificial intelligence, etc.