List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the ideal WPGA student?

    There is no ideal WPGA student, as we recognize that all students are individuals who have talents, ideas and aspirations to contribute to our diverse and engaged community. Students who are curious, who want to get involved in school life and who have a love of learning thrive at West Point Grey Academy.
    We welcome applications from all families at all grades. West Point Grey Academy seeks to enroll students and families who demonstrate the capacity and the passion to contribute to our school's mission, which is to shape lives of inquiry, action and joy. 
  • Q. When can I apply? 

    We accept applications the fall prior to your desired year of attendance. For example, if you wish to attend in September 2017, you would apply by the application deadline in the fall of 2016. Our application deadline for 2017-2018 is is November 28, 2016. 
  • Q. What are your intake grades?

    We accept applications for all grades but our main entry years are junior kindergarten (25 places), kindergarten (19 places), grade 1 (22 places), grade 4 (6 places) and grade 8 (15-20 places). We accept applications for all grades. 
  • Q. Do you accept international students? 

    Yes, we do accept international students, but as we do not have a boarding facility, homestay partnership or ESL program, we require that all international students reside with their family. There is an additional fee of $3,000 for international students; this covers the cost of the provincial student grant that an international student does not qualify for. For more information, contact the Director of Admissions
  • Q. Do you have before or afterschool care programs?

    We offer an afterschool care program from 3pm to 5:30pm for students in kindergarten to grade 7. 
  • Q. Where are you located? 

    West Point Grey Academy is located at 4125 West 8th Avenue. You can enter our campus from 8th Avenue (near Trimble Park) or from 4th Avenue, where there are stairs near our pool and gym which lead to the main campus. 

    If visiting for a tour, enter the campus from 8th Avenue, make a right turn at the first parking lot and park in the spaces labelled Admissions Visitor Parking. The Admissions Office is located in the Junior School, which is the main building as you walk up the driveway. 
  • Q. Do you offer a bus service?

    We offer a morning bus service with pick-ups at Douglas Park Community Centre, Kerrisdale Arena and Dunbar Lawn Bowling. The bus drops students off at the school gym at 8:05am.   
  • Q. Do you have nurses on site?

    We have two full-time nurses. Our Nurses Office is open during the school day and is available to all students. Along with treating ailments, our nurses help students manage their diabetic care, oversee lice and vaccination programs, teach sexual health courses with our counselling team, and recommend further medical attention as needed.
  • Q. Do you have tutoring or skills support? 

    Both junior and senior schools have fully staffed study and resource centres to assist students at all grade and learning levels, including students with individual education plans (IEP) and those taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes. We also offer tutoring, note-taking and afterschool homework programs.