Red Cedar Book Awards Gala

By Emma Aranda, Margaret Wood, Annie Hu, Cadence Chua and Libby Dabbs, Grade 5 
In September, we formed the Red Cedar Book Club (RCBC). This is a club where we read books that are nominated for the Red Cedar Book Award. The Red Cedar Book Award is given to one fictional book and one nonfiction book, both written by Canadian authors. Not only did we get to read these wonderful books but we also got to vote for our favourite book to receive the award. Some of the fictional books nominated were The Blackthorn Key, Speechless and Connecting Dots. The nonfiction books nominated included Animal Hospital, DNA Detectives and Colossal Canada.
At the Gala on May 6, which took place at the Central Branch Vancouver Public Library, we listened to many of the authors talk about their books and the inspiration for their stories. We then had a chance to ask the authors questions about their books and watched slideshows made by students at other schools who had read the nominated books. At the end of the Gala, we had the opportunity to buy the books nominated for this year's or next year's Red Cedar Award. After the talks, the authors signed our books.

Congratulations to the Gala winners: The Blackthorn Key by Keven Sans (fiction) and Animal Hospital by Julia Coey (nonfiction).