Driver Care in Drop-off/Pick-up Zones

By Mr. Jonathan Pike, Vice Principal, Senior School 

The recent sad news of the death of a 5-year-old in a school drop-off zone in Toronto serves to highlight and remind our community of the need for safe practices when dropping off and picking up children in designated school areas. It’s so important that our parents continue to follow the posted parking/drop-off expectations as well as the directions from our parent crosswalk volunteers and school staff.

Senior school students and parents who use the upper 8th Ave view lot in the morning are requested to remain in the driver's seat and in control of their vehicle. Parents with more than one child are requested to limit drop-off to one location to alleviate congestion and increase safety.  

Unfortunately, because of City of Vancouver requirements, we've had to remove WPGA traffic signs and cones, but please know that our parking guidelines remain consistent and firm in the absence of signage. Thank you for respecting our guidelines and for helping to ensure our community's safety. 

WPGA Drop-off and Pick-up Zones 
  • JK-Kindergarten: Lower 8th Ave Lot 
  • Grades 1-7: 4th Ave Lot 
  • Grades 8-12: Upper 8th Ave "View" Lot