Global Studies Scholars Meet Dr. Yunus

By Ms. Jenise Boland, Social Studies Teacher

On February 5, WPGA Global Studies scholars attended a Beedie School of Business special breakfast with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, who addressed more than 300 people at Segal Graduate School at SFU's downtown campus. 
Sudheer Gupta, a professor at Beedie and director of the Jack Austin Centre for Asia Pacific Business Studies, moderated the event. 
Yunus won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, among many other international honours and awards, for his pioneering work developing microfinance to help people lift themselves from poverty through the establishment of the microfinance organization Grameen Bank. 

For our Global Studies scholars, Dr. Yunus' words struck a chord. Scholar Naomi said, "Dr. Yunus described the metaphor of a bonsai. There is nothing different about a bonsai seed; it is just kept in too small a pot to truly grow to its potential. He compared underfunded communities to the bonsai and it really resonated with me." Scholar Patrick remarked that the experience "provided me with more perspective as well as direction as to how I should conduct my own life plans and how I view economic success."