Service Council Events

By Ms. Sarah Poole, Service Director, Senior School

Service Council is busy with three exciting upcoming initiatives.  

Pink Shirt Day:
On Wednesday, February 28, students will wear pink shirts to take a stand against bullying. The Pink Shirt Day movement began in Canada in 2007; this year’s theme is “Nice needs no filter” and emphasizes cyberbullying and how technology can profoundly influence students’ daily lives. Donations will support CKNW Orphans’ Fund, a local charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of children living with physical, mental and social challenges. 

International Women’s Day:
Thursday, March 8 is International Women’s Day, and we look forward to hosting “Yoga for a Cause” led by our very own Ms. Greene, a certified yoga instructor. Event proceeds will benefit Union Gospel Mission, an organization that provides meals, shelter, outreach, and substance recovery and job preparation programs to those in need.

WE Are Silent
The annual WE Are Silent event is Thursday, April 5. Participating students will take a vow of silence for one day in solidarity with those around the world who have no voice. Each vow will be accompanied by a donation to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter, an organization devoted to helping women and children vulnerable to exploitation, injustice and injury.

Thank you to Service Council for their time and efforts in coordinating these events and to all students who have signed up to participate. If you have any questions about these events, contact a Service Council member or Ms. Poole