Global Connections Week 2018

By Ms. Catherine Mugica, Head of Languages, Junior School 
From March 69, the languages departments hosted our annual Global Connections Week. This year's events were both fun and educational; see below just a few highlights.  

At the Junior School, music and dance performances, all with a cultural flair, started off the mornings. We also tasted foods from all across the world and participated in a variety of activities specific to different cultures. On March 7, students were invited to wear clothing that represented their cultural heritage. What a beautiful sight!

Other activities included learning to play the spoons, participating in an international soccer jamboree, making boomerang videos in a photo booth and exploring Chinese arts and crafts. On March 9, following an assembly featuring Musqueam Chief Wayne Sparrow and other members of Musqueam, who performed a traditional Musqueam song, the grades 3 and 4 classes participated in a workshop about indigenous plants and their uses. Students also learned to play a traditional Musqueam Bone game.

In the Senior School, students enjoyed a Flamenco dance presentation, which included an entertainer, guitarist, singer and dancers. The Multicultural Club sold treats such as churros and crêpes.

We extend a huge thank-you to our special guests and to all those who helped celebrate our community's many cultures and languages.