Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup June 12

By Ms. Molly Young, Service Director, Junior School

As a part of our Earth Month celebrations, JK-7 students and staff participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup on June 12. Class assemblies preceded the group walk to Jericho beach and ponds to clean up the beach and record the types of garbage collected. 5CB added up the tally sheets and submitted the information to the Vancouver Aquarium.
The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is one of the largest direct action conservation programs in Canada. The Vancouver Aquarium and WWF-Canada are committed to growing the program to achieve their mission: to inspire Canadians to keep all shorelines free of litter.
This initiative is a great example of the junior school community service mission: to empower students with the understanding that they can make a difference in the world through their own actions. Thanks to the hard work of 550 students and teachers, Jericho Beach is looking very clean and ready for summer!