New Cannabis Legislation

Under Canada’s new cannabis legislation, recreational use of cannabis remains prohibited for minors (under 19 years). Recreational cannabis use, including smoking, vaping and edibles, are prohibited on our WPGA campus and on all school properties, playgrounds, sports fields, and other places where children commonly gather. It is also prohibited in vehicles and at workplaces. Our student policies regarding recreational cannabis use have not changed; the Student Code of Conduct is located on WolfNet > Code of Conduct. As a school policy, there will be no cannabis at any WPGA-sanctioned event.
As the new laws are sure to spark increased curiosity among youth about cannabis, we encourage you to engage your children in discussions about cannabis use/effects. For ideas on how to guide these discussions, click here or feel free to connect with our counsellors. Together we continue to work to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students.

Tam Matthews
Head of School